2014 Editing and Proofreading Prices

The Freelance Editors' Association suggests proofreading prices between $30 and $40 per hour depending on skill level. According to them, 5 to 10 pages per hour are typical for editing tasks and 9 to 13 pages per hour are typical for proofreading tasks. This suggests a rate of between 1 cent per hour to 1.6 cents per hour for proofreading and 1.2 cents per hour to 3.2 cents per hour for editing tasks. The Canadian Association of Editors does not reveal its suggested rates, but does say that an editor might be proofreading between 6 to 9 pages per hour and copyediting 2 to 7 pages per hour. For someone charging $40 per hour, this would suggest an editing rate of 2.23 cents per hour and a proofreading rate of 1.7 cents per word. I'm confident I can give you the best price for skilled editing or proofreading. You can choose which type of service you require. Editing includes making sure reference style is correct, whether APA, MLA or other.

Posted prices are for 24 hour return; 12 hour return available.

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Basic proofreading price 1.5 cents per word

Our lowest proofreading price covers spelling, grammar, punctuation, and word use for all types of documents. We ensure all sentences make sense. Suitable for documents that just need that expert touch to avoid errors.
Basic proofreading price: 1.5 cents per word. Min: $20.00.
MS Word (.doc or .docx) documents only.
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Advanced essay editing price 2.25 cents per word

Choose this editing service when substantial revisions and formatting of essays are needed. Suitable for ESL students or anyone who needs a little extra help with their essay writing. We check spelling, wording, syntax, grammar, logic, transitions. We check reference style. We make sure everything makes sense. (10% discount for 48 hour service or over 6000 words). 12 hour rush service add 25%.
Essay editing price: 2.25 cents per word.
Min: $10.00
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price 2.25 cents per word for first 8000 words; 1.67 cents per word for additional words.

Advanced editing for a thesis.
Thesis editing price: $180 for the first 30 pages (2 cents per word) plus $5 per additional page (1.67 cents per word). Minimum return time is 48 hours, plus allow more time for longer documents.
MS Word (.doc or .docx) documents only.
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Business document editing price 2.25 cents per word

Advanced editing for personal and business writing.
Editing price: $7.50 per page for up to 3 pages; 2.25 cents per word for longer documents.
Same day service available.
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PowerPoint Slides: $4 per slide for 24 hour service; or $6 per slide for 12 hour service. Includes advanced editing, plus all changes documented. Upload PowerPoint slides here.

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No taxes or additional fees added.
An essay page ranges from 250 to 300 words, so these prices range from $3.75 to $6.75 per page depending on the number of words and type of service. When comparing with other services that charge by page, check how many words count as a page.

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I would recommend Peter in a heartbeat...truly unmatched!
-Starr, VA

Fast, affordable and reliable.
--Bob, USA

Great job, I'll be contacting you again.
--John S., Oklahoma

Just to let you know that I received 80% on the essay you helped me with!

This is way better than I asked for...
--Josh, Kansas City, Kansas

Extremely fast and wonderful service. I highly recommend Peter's work.
--Sharon, Chicago IL

Thanks for your help in such a short time. I feel more confident about my assignment when handing it in.
--Joyce, Taiwan

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$5/page; 48 hour service

$4.50/page; 24 hour service


1.55 cents/word; $30 minimum

$1.5 cents per word; $10 min


1.8 cents/word; $90 minimum

1.5 cents/word; $10 min


2.24 cents per word for basic proofreading

1.5 cents per word for basic; 2.25 for advanced


$10 per page

$4.50 per page for basic


$12 per page

$6.75 per page for advanced

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