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Experienced editor will assure compliance with academic standards for undergraduate and graduate essays;

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Fast Proofreading AND Low Prices!

Other proofreading and editing services advertise low prices, but it turns out that you pay a lot more for fast return. My prices are based on 24 hour return, plus 12 hour return is available for a small surcharge. You can place your order at any time of day or night 24/7 and your return time is guaranteed. Free Instant Price Quote.

Thank you for your exceptional service! I really appreciate your help. You are indeed the best proofreader/editor I could've asked for. I will definitely come back for your help in the future!
--Claudia, Vancouver, BC

My prices are very competitive. That's because I'm skilled and efficient. I've been editing professionally for over 35 years. I treat every client as an important part of my business and every document is given my full attention. That's why I say my prices are cheap, not my quality. Yes, I offer cheap proofreading, but I will return to you a completely polished document edited to the highest academic or business standards. Try my English Essay Editing to improve your English essay marks.

HGPublishing is a great service. I had a fast and accurate turnaround, and I enjoyed dealing with one person. I would recommend this service to a friend, and I will use HGPublishing in the future for all of my documents.
--Bryan, Texas

Trial Edit

You should feel confident before you pay for your editing service. New clients may request a no-obligation 300 word trial edit for documents over 900 words. That's one full page. Don't pay until you see my work.

Extremely fast and wonderful service. I highly recommend Peter's work.
--Sharon, Chicago IL


Proofreading is my most streamlined service at 1.75 cents per word. Not everyone needs a thorough editing, but everyone needs a second set of eyes to review documents. Don't let embarrassing grammar errors or typos mar your important document or blog post. Use this service for all types of documents that do not require substantive re-writing.

Essay editing

My essay editing service is 2.25 cents per word for academic essays over 900 words. I ensure your essay is polished to the highest academic standards. I'm a teacher of English, so I know writing. This service includes sentence revision, paragraph transitions, and reference style. I can edit almost every subject area, whether you use APA style, MLA style or another referencing style. Just let me know. 12 or 24 hour service. Priced at only 2.25 cents per word, the minimum charge is only $10.

This is way better than I asked for...
--Josh, Kansas City, Kansas

Thesis editing

I can edit a thesis or dissertation for an excellent price. Select this service for any academic document over 8000 words. Thesis editing is priced at $180 for the first 8000 words (2.25 cents per word) plus $5 per additional 300 words (1.67 cents per word). This service is my highest level of editing, including references, transitions, sentence structure, logic, and grammar. I make sure your hard work is reflected in the final product. An editing certificate is available at no extra charge on request.

Business documents

Editing of resumes, cover letters, business letters, and other non-academic documents are priced at the advanced editing rate of only 3 cents per word ($10 minimum). I am skilled in business communciation, business reports, proposal writing and documentation. Visit my business editing page for more details on my background in business writing and editing.

Free Proofreading

Looking for a free essay editor? You've come to the right place. Please follow the link below for complete details on the free proofreading services I provide. The mission of HyperGraphix is "Helping the World to Write in English." Compare free proofreading services.

How it works

Upload your document and provide all relevant information through the order form. After upload, pay through PayPal, or request an invoice. If you request a sample edit, the sample will arrive with the invoice. Once you pay the invoice, I will complete the editing; if you don't like the sample, then I will cancel the invoice and you owe me nothing. 24 hour return is standard; 12 hour service is now available for advanced editing, business documents and PowerPoint presentations. Same day service is available when you order 12 hour return.

Thanks for your help in such a short time. I feel more confident about my assignment when handing it in.
--Joyce, Taiwan

I use the "track changes" function in MS Word, so you can see every edit I make. Not only does this help you see what I've done for you, but also you can improve your own writing by paying attention to the changes. When you get your edited document back, you can go through every change individually to ensure I haven't changed any of your intended meanings, or you can accept all changes at once. How can I help you improve your writing?

Personal Service

Big editing companies have a big overhead, so they have to charge more. Compare Proofreading Services. My personal proofreading and editing service beats the big guys every time. Every client is important to me. I am focused on making your document the best it can be. After it's edited, I will answer any questions or make any changes until you are 100% satisfied. I know you are on a deadline; I will get to work right away. I've been in business since 1989 and on the web since 1999. I have hundreds of satisfied customers. My reputation, convenience and speed of service places me above other individual editors. Don't take a chance on your important document. Have it polished to perfection at HGPublishing.com. You have my personal guarantee --


I treat all documents as confidential intellectual property belonging to you. I will never re-sell any portion of your essay. I use no automated system of proofreading. All documents are deleted after editing is completed. Use of this service will never cause your essay to be flagged for plagiarism. Payments are through PayPal, so your credit card information is secure.

I am very happy with the work that you provided for me. You took out my grammatical errors and enhanced the flow of my paper. I was worried that the paper would be completely different and I would have to be concerned about plagiarism but that did not happen. Nothing was changed, it was 100% my original work. Thank you so much.
--Name Withheld, USA

We also offer proofreading priced in Canadian dollars to Canadian clients through our sister website, iProof.ca