Best Essay Editing Service

What makes us the best essay editing service? Here are the facts. You decide.

Personalized Service

First, we are small. Your essay is important to us. You deal directly with the owner. Over 90% of our business is from repeat clients, many of whom are students at Simon Fraser University and UBC here in Vancouver, so we work hard to make sure your essay is the best it can be. We take your ideas and put them in the best format.

You edited my paper last semester and I got an A- for that; I was surprised that I could get an A and I wanted to say thank you!
--Felix, Vancouver, BC

Essay Editing Specialists

Second, we are focused on editing your essay. Our goal is to return to you an essay that is ready for you to review and hand in. That means we avoid comments like: "unclear, revise." Instead, we provide an edit based on our best guess of what you wanted to say. You can choose whether to accept this edit, or make your own revision.

Although we offer our best effort for all kinds of editing of personal and business documents, as well as essays, over 90% of our work is academic essays. However, we do not do research, nor do we write an essay for you. We do not believe that is ethical. We only take your hard work and make it better.

Our essay editing service includes correcting reference styles and formatting for your in-text references and reference list. Further, we ensure the language used in your essay reflects the expected academic standards.

My first experience with Hypergraphix was phenomenal. Excellent work, fair price and prompt service. Couldn't ask for more. What really sold it for me was how Peter genuinely cared for what I needed in my work while giving me advice on how to improve as well. I feel more confident than ever in what I'm submitting to university and I can't thank him enough. Will definitely be coming back for his help in the future.
--Sandra, Vancouver, BC

More Than Grammar; We Edit for Sense

We are the best essay editing service because we make sure your essay says what you meant for it to say, even if your words didn't quite express that meaning. If you've used the wrong word by accident but a similar word makes much more sense, we will see this and fix it. We ensure your paragraph transitions are smooth. No on-line computer editing system can do this and many editors simply leave a query for you to do additional work. Our goal is to return to you an essay that is polished and ready to hand in, not one with all your problems highlighted so you can spend hours more trying to fix them. If there's a problem we can't fix because there are two or more possible meanings and we can't guess your intended meaning, we will give you all the options for wording for each possible meaning or we'll contact you for clarification.

Just to let you know that I received a 80% on the essay you helped me with!

Low Overhead Means Lower Prices

We are the best essay editing service because we are small, so your fee goes directly to the cost of editing. We have no office overhead, low advertising costs, and no fees for web design (I'm sure the website could be slicker, but do you want to pay for that?) We offer the best price for editing; you save 40% or more over big editing services with their big overheads. However, unlike most independent editors, we have a complete website where you can upload and pay for your editing service in one convenient visit. You don't need to enquire if we are available, or reserve a time. Our deadline for returning your essay is set at the time of uploading, 24 hours a day. Just upload your essay and relax; we will return it before your deadline. And, you can check out our website for free grammar advice and free essay writing advice.

Fast, affordable and reliable.
--Bob, USA

Editing by Certified English Teacher

Another reason we are the best essay editing service is that the owner, Peter J. Francis is a certified teacher. With a Bachelor's degree (Honors) in English, a Bachelor of Education degree, and a specialization in special education, he personally ensures that your essay will be edited to the highest academic standards.

HGPublishing is a great service. I had a fast and accurate turnaround, and I enjoyed dealing with one person. I would recommend this service to a friend, and I will use HGPublishing in the future for all of my documents.
-Bryan in S. Texas

Our essay editing service is also the best because we focus on what we do best. We just edit your essay and return it promptly (often the same day!). Another reason we are the best essay editing service is that we offer a sample edit before you pay. Send us your essay (over 900 words) and we will return it with the first 300 words edited along with an invoice. If you like the editing, then pay the invoice and we will complete the job. If you don't like the editing, then ignore the invoice, and we will cancel your order with no obligation on your part.

This company does an outstanding job of editing. English is not my mother's primary language as such I have a hard time expressing myself. With their help, I was able to express myself clearly in writing, and my essay was incredibly refined. I would recommend their editing even to English native speakers. Keep up the good work!
--Grace, Baltimore, MD

We are the best essay editing service because we know one price is not for everyone. We offer two price levels of editing. Some people only need basic proofreading, because they only make a few mistakes per paragraph. For those people we offer the lowest price of proofreading you can find: 1.75 cents per word. That's $4.50 for a standard 300 word page. Minimum $20. 24 hour return, or same day return when submitted before 5 pm.

I am very happy with the work that you provided for me. You took out my grammatical errors and enhanced the flow of my paper. I was worried that the paper would be completely different and I would have to be concerned about plagiarism but that did not happen. Nothing was changed, it was 100% my original work. Thank you so much.
--Name Withheld, USA

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We know that many people struggle to express themselves in English. This could be because they are using English as a second language, or because academic writing is just new or difficult for them. So we offer a higher level of service at only 2.25 cents per word. Many essay editing services charge extra just because you are using English as a second language. Let me tell you this: not all native speakers are fluid writers. You can decide whether you need basic proofreading or Advanced Editing. At this level of service, we do everything possible to get you the best mark possible for the work you have done. Because of our specialized skill in teaching, we strive to understand what you are trying to say in your essay and to put it in the best possible form without compromising your own voice. And our Advanced Essay Editing Service allows you to choose a 12 hour return, if that's the speed you need. But if you're not in a hurry then you can choose a 48 hour return and get a 10% discount (for orders over 2000 words; that makes the price only 2.025 cents per word).

Thanks for the quick response! Your service really is the best. Will spread the word to everyone I know. HyperGraphix is the #1 place to go for editing help. —Mike, Long Island

Some services charge minimum fees up to $90. But we believe, if it's short why charge more? Our best price for a short essay of up to 300 words is $10. 300 to 600 words, $15; or 600 to 900 words, $22.50.

Advanced editing for a thesis, or an essay over 30 pages is priced at $180 for the first 8000 words (2.25 cents per word) plus $5 per additional 300 words (1.67 cents per word). On the other hand, if you only need basic proofreading for your thesis, you can still opt for 1.5 cents per word, or about $4.50 per page. For more details about thesis editing, click here.