English Essay Editing

English Essays are normally written in MLA (Modern Languages Association) style, but we can edit them according to any requirements. If you are unsure about MLA style requirements, click here for a basic primer on MLA style. Here are some tips on how to format an English essay. One of the ways that MLA style is different from APA style is that instead of using (author, year) as an in-text reference, it uses (author page). Notice that there is no comma between the author's name and the page. The list of references at the end is titled "Works Cited" rather than "References." We find that many of our clients appreciate having their reference style checked as it can affect your grade. Our essay editing service includes checking reference style.

Format of English Essays

As with most essays, an English essay should be formatted using double space, 12 point font. Do not put two spaces between sentences. Do not put an extra line between paragraphs; indent the first line of each paragraph. Use the tab key to indent, or set the paragraph format to indent the first line to 1/2 inch. Do not create a title page, instead in the upper left corner of the first page put your name, your instructor's name, the name of the course and the date (also double spaced). Double space again and put the title of the essay. The title should use upper and lower case (capitalize the most important words). Follow standard format for titles of other works: use italics for longer works such as books; use quotation marks for shorter works, such as poems. Create a header with your last name followed by a page number. If you don't know how to create a header or set a paragraph format, see my blog post "5 Essential MS Word Skills Every Student Should Know." If you select our Advanced Essay Editing Service, we will ensure that your essay is formatted correctly for MLA style.

I am very happy with the work that you provided for me. You took out my grammatical errors and enhanced the flow of my paper. I was worried that the paper would be completely different and I would have to be concerned about plagiarism but that did not happen. Nothing was change, it was 100% my original work. Thank you so much.
--Name Withheld, USA

English essay editing at HGPublishing will ensure that paragraphs have proper transitions. This means the logic of paragraphs link with the logic of the following paragraphs. Logical transitions use conjunctive adverbs such as moreover, however, nevertheless, etc. Each paragraph should discuss one or two main ideas backed up by citations from the works being discussed. Citations can take the form of either quotations or paraphrases. It is best use both in a variety of forms. While we can't add content to your English essay, we can give you feedback on paragraph content so you can make adjustments to improve your grades.

You edited my paper last semester and I got an A- for that; I was surprised that I could get an A and I wanted to say thank you!
--Felix, Vancouver, BC

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Basic proofreading service

If you feel confident in your English essay, but you want an expert grammarian to ensure everything is of the highest standards, then simply choose the proofreading service. We will catch any pesky grammar errors that might have slipped by. These might include dangling modifiers, problematic clauses or simply typographical errors. At 1.75 cents per word it's only $4.50 per page based on 300 words per page. Plus a 300 word sample edit is available on request. Minimum 900 words. Minimum $20. Same day return available when ordered by 3 pm Pacific Time. See what basic proofreading service looks like.

Advanced essay editing service

If you are learning English as a second language and need help with your English essay, then you should choose our advanced essay editing service. We will ensure your English essay is formatted correctly. If your essay is too long, we can edit the essay down to a specified length. Our price is only 2.25 cents per word for essays over 900 words. See what Advanced Essay Editing Service looks like.

Thesis essay editing service

If you've written a thesis or dissertation, we can offer you a special price for anything over 9000 words. The first 9000 words are priced at 2 cents per word and additional words are only 1.67 cents per word. This is our highest level of editing and includes formatting references, checking paragraph transitions, correct wording and more. More details about thesis editing.

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Trial Edit

You can request a 300 word sample edit when you place your order. Don't send any money. I will edit the beginning of the essay and return the document with the editing begun along with an invoice. If you like the editing, then pay the invoice and I will return the completed essay by your original deadline (24 hours from the time of order.) If you don't like my work, the sample is free! Every essay gets my personal attention. Whether your essay only needs basic proofreading or you need a lot of editing to improve your writing, I personally guarantee that you will be impressed with our essay editing.

How essay editing service works

24 hour return is standard; my goal is same day service for documents submitted before 12 pm Pacific Time. Most documents are returned the same day; however, obviously the longer the document, and the later in the day it arrives, then the harder it is to complete it as a same day service. If you need a guaranteed return in less than 24 hours, let me know in the comments section of the request form. Obviously long jobs, such as a thesis will take a few days. I can only give you fair value for your money when my mind is sharp and able to focus on the job.

Professional & Trustworthy Essay Editing Service

I treat all documents as confidential intellectual property belonging to you. I will never re-sell or post any portion of your essay on any publicly accessible computer. To ensure absolute security, I do not use any automated system for proofreading.