Editing Service Details

Editing Philosophy

Our goal is to fix all grammar errors while keeping your voice intact. This means we try to understand what you want to say and help you say it better. See an editing sample here. For ethical reasons, we do not write academic papers, provide academic research services, or add substantive content.

We charge by the word because the number of words varies by page and sometimes people submit work that single spaced in a smaller font. The estimate of $4.50 per page is based on 300 words per page using APA standard 12 point Times, double spaced. Some services estimate 275 words per page. By that standard, our price is $4.12 per page for basic proofreading and $6.18 per page for advanced editing.

No matter what you pay, expect to get back an essay that is grammatically correct and ready to hand in.

Two Levels of Editing Services

We offer two levels of service, depending on your needs.

Basic proofreading service (Check my grammar and make sure my document makes sense).

Advanced essay editing service (Get me the highest grade possible with what I've submitted).

For thesis editing, the advanced editing service is applied at 2.25 cents per word for first 8000 words, then 1.67 cents per word for additional words.

*One page =250 words