Essay Editing Prices Compared

A list compiled by , B.A., B.Ed.

Essay editing prices can vary widely depending on return time. Be sure to note when you will get your essay back when you compare essay editing prices. Some services post a cheap editing price and then upsell you for faster return, or because you are an ESL learner. Some services require you to send an essay sample before they give you a price. Some services offer 8 hour return time, 6 hour return time, 4 hour return time, or even 2 hour return time for substantial extra charges. Click here for a full disclosure of HGPublishing's proofreading and editing prices.

This list compares prices of essay editing services located through a Google search for "essay editing." In addition, site owners may submit their sites for inclusion. (Use the contact link at the bottom of the page.) My primary purpose for compiling this list was to be sure my prices were competitive. Sites not providing editing services were excluded. Prices reflect what I could determine as the lowest price for basic 24 hour essay editing service; there is no guarantee for accuracy. They are more-or-less ordered from least to most expensive. Not all services were clear about what they do for the price. Beware of hidden charges. Some services are really focused on selling custom-written essays.

We are trying to compare fees based on 24 hour turnaround; some have higher minimums for faster service. Other turnaround times are noted where relevant. A lot of places advertise very low prices, and then you discover that the price is for 5 day service or something like that. If you have five more days before your essay is due, then you have lots of options other than paying an editor, but if you do hire an editor, you should get a substantial discount for longer return times. HGPublishing offers a 10% discount when the return time is 48 hours and the essay is over 2000 words. Our maximum return time is 48 hours, except for a thesis or very long document, for which we usually require 24 hours per 6000 words.

Why do so many sites require you to "request a quote" on editing services? Because the time that it takes to do a decent job editing varies widely. HGPublishing charges one low price for all editing work, even though the work for some people who are struggling with English can take much longer. Our mission is "Helping the World to Write in English."

Personally, I would recommend avoiding sites that also write custom papers or perform "research". First, they tend to have higher prices. Second, they are engaged in plagiarism so I question their ethics. Further, some of these sites are riddled with typographical and grammatical errors, which makes me question how well they can do the work they claim. Finally, do you want to trust your paper with a site that has an incentive to hang onto it and use it as a template for someone else's "custom written" essay?

Name and Essay Editing Price Comments

Basic proofreading: 1.75 cents per word for essays over 900 words ($4.37 per 250 word page)

$20 minimum

Essay editing: 2.25 cents per word

$10 minimum

You choose the service you prefer.

24 hour service is standard (up to 6000 words); add 50% for 12 hour return (up to 3000 words). 300 word sample edit for first time clients! All work personally guaranteed. Order Now!

Our return time is guaranteed from the time you place your order.

8000 word thesis only $180 (2.25 cents per word); additional words 1.67 cents per word.


$3.89 per 250 word page

(1.6 cents per word)

$30 minimum

for 24 hour service (only available for 1000 words or less); longer is slower

50% surcharge for rush orders

You need to upload your paper and "request a quote."


1.8 cents per word

$90 minimum

for 24 hour service; lower for slower

minimum $50 for 7 day standard service.

Currently not accepting orders from new clients through website. You must "request a quote."

2.5 cents per word

$10 minimum


Canadian specialists

Price in Canadian $


2.25 cents per word for first 8000 words; additional words 1.67 cents per word

$50 minimum.

Thesis specialists

Minimum return time 48 hours


$25 per 1000 words

Academic and business documents


3.8 cents per word

$11 per page

for 24 hour service; lower for slower

about 50% surcharge for 8 hour service


$5.95 per 300 word page for 24 hour return

(2 cents per word)

10 hour return available

6 hour return available (15 page max)

3 hour return available (6 page max)

1 hour return available (3 page max)


$8.95 per 300 word page for 24 hour return

(3 cents per word)

10 hour return available (3.33 cents per word)

6 hour return available

3 hour return available


$8.95 per 300 word page for 24 hour return

(3 cents per word)

10 hour return available (3.33 cents per word)

6 hour return available

3 hour return available

This service looks identical to the one above (, so I suspect it is the same company operating two different websites.


$19.99 per page for 24 hour service

I couldn't figure out what this service was offering. It claimed to do editing and proofreading, but the form looked like I was requesting either help writing an essay or a consultation. In addition, the site had typos (usefull, detailes).


$9.95 per page

3.98 cents per word

24 hour service; lower for slower

But not clear what "basic editing" means; the "advanced edit" includes "line edit" at twice the price to make changes, so I'm not sure what they do to your paper for the basic editing price. Simply pointing out errors is not always useful.


$20 per hour to $40 per hour

Contact for estimate


$10.95 per page

This is the editing arm of the plagiarism tracking company, hence the name. They promise to "rewrite plagiarized content."

The Expert Editor

starts at 2.8 cents per word, drops to 1.75 cent per word for over 60,000 words

Cost for 1000 word essay is 2.8 cents per word.

Current pricing model is same price regardless of return time; however, may reject work if too long for the required return time.

Minimum price $28


Prices vary by length; 3 to 15 cents per word

$90 minimum

24 hour service; lower for slower

3 cents is for 50,000 word papers

2000 word paper would cost $195; that's almost $25 per page! HGPublishing would charge $45 for the same paper.

The standard price is $80 for 1000 words with 3 day return.


$12 per page for proofreading; $25 per page for editing

$8 per page for proofreading with 72 hour return

24 hour service; lower for slower


$8.50 per page

for 24 hour service


$8.95 per 250 words

for 72 hour service


$9.50 per page

for 24 hour service; prices are in British Pounds

$9.99 per page

for 24 hour service; the cheapest is $4.99 for 14 day turnaround


$10 per 250 words

$27 minimum; 48 hours or surcharge is about $10


$10 per page

for 24 hour service


$10 per page

Hard to figure out the prices for editing from the website; it's designed for people who want to buy custom written essays; website is written with awkward ESL-like language. I hope the essay writing is better.


$16 per page

for 24 hour service (275 words per page)

$10.99 per page

48 hour service


about $10 per page

$35 minimum


about $18 per page

for 24 hour service for a short essay; less for longer, lower for slower; target market appears to be thesis editing or for journal publications; a 9000 word thesis would be about $400 with 3 day return time.


A wide range of prices; the lowest is $9.49; the 24 hour price is $19.49; site is designed for people who want to buy custom written essays and it has annoying sound effects.



Site is focused on writing custom essays; this price is for editing


This is the same business as above



$100 min for 24 hr turnaround for editing service; there's a cheaper service where they give you a critique without editing



Site is focused on custom writing; hard to determine if this price is accurate for editing



Another essay writing site unclear about editing prices



Price translated from British pounds; focus is on custom writing


from $9.99

Admissions essay specialists; price cited is for evaluation of one page essay


$395 to polish a personal statement

Admissions essay specialists


$115 per essay min.

Specializes in admissions essays.


unclear from website

Admissions essays for graduate school


$260 per hour

Admissions essays for MBA specialists


$250 per hour

Admissions essays for graduate school

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