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Free Proofreading: 500 words free. No strings attached. No login and no credit card needed. Visit my free proofreading page for more information on my free essay writing help and my free grammar help. Other free essay editors are listed below.

HGPublishing Proofreading Services
Length Return
Ref Style Our Price
0 - 300 words 24 hours YES $10 Order Now
301 - 600 words 24 hours YES $15 Order Now
0 - 6000 words 24 hours YES 1.75 cents/ word Order Now
0 - 6000 words 24 hours
YES YES 2.25 cents/ word Order Now
0 - 3000 words 12 hours YES YES + 50% Order Now

Free Essay Editor

Up to 500 words free proofreading.

Free Blog Proofreading

Don't let grammar errors mar your message. Make your blog post letter perfect.

Instant On-Line Proofreading offers free and quick proofreading instantly online.

Cheapest Professional Proofreading

Professional proofreading service for as little as $10 with 24 hour guaranteed return.

Free Sample Edit

Try our editing service with a document up to 1000 words long. Free.

The problem with instant on-line proofreading

Instant on-line proofreading means a computer is going to be your proofreader, not a live editor. You want someone to return document with corrections made, not point out that there's a violation of some kind of rule you don't understand. In addition, your writing has to be pretty good for the computer to be able to see the errors. Plus, as my trials outlined below show, computers make many errors. If English is your second language, or you are really struggling with expressing yourself, then the computer will be confused and you need a live editor.

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Free Professional Editing?

The truth is that there are not a lot of professional editors sitting out there waiting to proofread high school, undergraduate, or even graduate essays for free. Proofreading is a skill, so most people offering free proofreading are doing so to attract paid clients. If you find another professional editor who will edit your essay free, let me know. I want to study his/her business model.

Compare Professional Essay Editing Services

A survey of professional editing services comparing prices for 24 hour return.

Below is a list of editing services that have some form of free essay editing or free proofreading available. I went through the first 10 pages (100 results) on Google looking for "free essay editing" to find these free proofreading services.

Free Essay Editors
Name & Free Services Essay Editing Prices Comments

500 word submission for free proofreading

1.75 cents per word 24 hour service; $10 minimum; Advanced service is $6.75/page. No hidden charges.
Instant on-line proofreading service

Basic service free.

Registration required; to get instant free on-line proofreading, you need to sign up and then cancel within the 7 day trial period. It's probably best for a student who is writing a lot of papers and is competent, but wants those pesky commas and semicolons checked along with the verb tenses.


none Software based system; this company is trying to develop a better computer proofreading system. In my trial run, it missed a run-on sentence, a sentence fragment, and a verb tense error in the first paragraph. In addition, on-line systems can't read for logic of content.

600 words free

1 cent per check Lots of false positives and flags; it underlines things and then discusses a grammar "rule", but it doesn't fix your writing. The worse you write, the less helpful this will be.


none Highlights things like contractions and then tells you these are not used in formal writing. Highlights homophones and warns you to check for correct usage. Failed to detect the usage of "passed" when "past" would have been correct. Highlighted correct use of "past" as a possible misuse for "passed." Links to Grammarly if you wish more thorough proofreading.


can't tell Free registration required to get actual report; did not flag the errors in my sample, but reported others.

free resume proofreading

$5.50 per 250 words Offers free resume proofreading for the unemployed
300 word sample edit for documents over 7500 words

200 words free

$80 minimum

Not clear how many free words

$8.25 per page Offers a free sample when you submit an essay; price based on 3 day delivery; double the price for 24 hours

100 words free

$5 per 250 words


500 characters (about 100 words)

? I couldn't figure out anything else as I only found a link for the free sample

A few paragraphs free

Not available Done on-line. Edited samples are posted on the website. No private replies.

HGPublishing may derive a benefit such as commission for clicks on some of these links; however, there is no fee or obligation for inclusion in this list, go ahead and use our contact form to submit your site if you offer free proofreading services or you are aware of other sites with free essay proofreading services.