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Fast, Efficient, Affordable

You want your proofreading done quickly, but you need it done right. And you can't afford to waste money. Send your document to HGPublishing Proofreading Service and we will correct it to university-level standards and return it to you within 24 hours. All for 1.5 cents per word. If you need us to review the publication style for an academic document, including checking reference style for in-text reference and your reference section, we can to that, too. All for 2.25 cents per word. We'll do it in 12 hours for only 25% extra.

Thank you for your exceptional service! I really appreciate your help. You are indeed the best proofreader/editor I could've asked for. I will definitely come back for your help in the future!
--Claudia, Vancouver, BC

How can we do it for that price when some services charge up to 3 or 4 cents per word? They pay 50% to the actual editor, 25% for overhead, including web design and advertising, and 25% for profit. At HGPublishing Proofreading Service, you deal directly with the owner. I designed and built the website myself, and I rarely pay for advertising. Your proofreading dollar goes to the cost of proofreading. And my priority is helping you write better, not making as much money as possible.

HGPublishing is a great service. I had a fast and accurate turnaround, and I enjoyed dealing with one person. I would recommend this service to a friend, and I will use HGPublishing in the future for all of my documents.
--Bryan, Texas

Trial Edit

Try my proofreading before you pay. When you fill out the order form and enter the length of the document, you will see the final price before you even submit the order. You can choose a trial edit of 300 words, which is about one full page. Place the order, but instead of making payment right away, just choose to receive an invoice. Your order will be placed and I will edit the first 300 words and send you an invoice. If you like the work, then pay the invoice and I will complete the proofreading based on your original 24 hour deadline. If you don't like the work, then do nothing. I will cancel the invoice if it's unpaid after 24 hours. You will owe me nothing.

Extremely fast and wonderful service. I highly recommend Peter's work.
--Sharon, Chicago IL


There are two levels of service: proofreading and editing. Proofreading is for people who just need an expert to check their document to make sure the grammar, wording, spelling and general writing are correct. The proofreading service is priced at 1.5 cents per word.

Essay editing

The essay editing service is for academic documents that need more than just basic proofreading. Ats 2.25 cents per word this service includes ensuring the document is formatted to the appropriate style, such as APA, MLA or other. In addition, this price includes revising as many sentences as necessary to ensure the document is written to the highest standards. This could include paragraph transitions, logic flow, formatting quotations and assisting with paraphrasing. I'm a teacher of English, so I know writing. This is the service to choose for very short essays because the minimum is only $10 (up to 300 words) and $15 for up to 600 words. Essays between 600 and 900 words are $22.50. You won't find a lower price for full-service editing for short essays.

This is way better than I asked for...
--Josh, Kansas City, Kansas

Thesis editing

Quality is essential for your thesis editing. Don't take a chance on some big company that treats you like a number. Your thesis is important to me. I will personally make sure your thesis is written to the highest academic standards, taking your hard work and making it shine. An editing certificate is available on request for no extra charge.

Business documents

Editing of resumes, cover letters, business letters, and other non-academic documents are priced at the advanced editing rate of only 2.25 cents per word. I am skilled in business communciation, business reports, proposal writing and documentation. Visit my business editing page for more details on my background in business writing and editing.

Free Proofreading

I proofread short passages for free. Yes, that's true. Free. Please follow the link below for complete details on the free proofreading services I provide. The mission of HyperGraphix is "Helping the World to Write in English."

How it works

Upload your document and provide all relevant information through the order form. After upload, pay through PayPal, or request an invoice. If you request a sample edit, the sample will arrive with the invoice. Once you pay the invoice, I will complete the editing; if you don't like the sample, then I will cancel the invoice and you owe me nothing. 24 hour return is standard; 12 hour service is now available for advanced editing, business documents and PowerPoint presentations. Same day service is available when you order 12 hour return.

Thanks for your help in such a short time. I feel more confident about my assignment when handing it in.
--Joyce, Taiwan

I use the "track changes" function in MS Word, so you can see every edit I make. Not only does this help you see what I've done for you, but also you can improve your own writing by paying attention to the changes. When you get your edited document back, you can go through every change individually to ensure I haven't changed any of your intended meanings, or you can accept all changes at once. How can I help you improve your writing?

We also offer proofreading priced in Canadian dollars to Canadian clients through our sister website,